Public Patriotic Concert at American Legion Post 357

The Michiana Male Chorus will be presenting their public Patriotic Concert at the American Legion Post 357 on Veterans Day, November 11th, at 7 PM.   We look forward to honoring our veterans and paying tribute to our great country too!    This is a free event, but we’ll pass the hat to help fund one of the Legion’s charitable causes plus the MMC scholarship fund.


“The Music We’ve All Missed!”

The Michiana Male chorus will be presenting a concert to celebrate the end of our year long pandemic absence by presenting a concert for the community that will be a collection of Patriotic, Pop, Sacred and even Christmas songs – all music that you have missed hearing the last year.

Watch this site and the media for more details!

John Chenoweth Scholarship Fund

John Chenoweth

One of our long time Michiana Male Chorus members passed away in early January, 2017, after a very tragic Christmas Day auto accident. John Chenoweth was a wonderful man, deeply devoted to his family and sang in men’s choruses for over 60 years.  Numerous contributions were made to the Michiana Male Chorus in his memory and it was easily decided to rename the Scholarship fund in his honor

John was instrumental in keeping the chorus alive back in 1985 when remnants of the Elks Club Chorus, the Bendix Chorus and the Blue Notes from Tyler in Niles were slowly losing ground, so those remaining members formed the Michiana Male Chorus with John and a couple others leading the way.  We truly miss his leadership, his devotion and his voice.

As in the past, we look forward to awarding this scholarship money ($1 ,000 annually) to a young person interested in pursuing a music career.  Our most recent recipient, Chase Andreae, has now graduated and is pursuing numerous acting and singing opportunities.  We wish him well in all of his future endeavors!

John’s great grandson, Addison Gosa, is just a middle school student right now but he has already begun to be quite a singer and musician!  We have featured him at a couple of our recent concerts with solo performances and he not only sings well, he has terrific stage presence.  We look forward to supporting him in the future as he get older and is involved in specific education and training events.

If you have someone in mind who is studying music (primarily vocal) in college right now who could be a candidate for us to consider, please let us know and encourage them to make contact with us via this web site.

If you would like to support this fund with a contribution, please contact us.  Contributions can be mailed to the address on our Contact page and you will receive an acknowledge form for tax purposes as the Chorus is a 501(c)3 non profit organization.  Thank you very much!